World’s Dangerous Reality Show Contestant Responsible for Murder-Rap

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World’s Dangerous Reality Show

Big Boss 11 has started. Home brawls are also seen in the Big Boss. So far, in the Big Boss or other reality show, the Contestant will be seen as having adventure, stunts or scramble. But there is also a show in the world in which the contests can be killed on their own risk.

reality show
It would be a reality show, a rap from the constable and a rebel

There is no interference with the makers during the murder or rap. For this, the makers have signed contractual contracts with them. The name of the show is the game. 2: winter. Winner will get $ 1.6 million. According to the reports, this is a Russian show that started in July this year. The show was finalized through 120 contestants voting. Out of these 30 contestants were finalized to participate in the show. The show’s contestants include people from South Korea’s X-Military Man to Sweden’s students. It is being shot in the cold of the forest of Siberia.

reality show

Participants have signed a document on their own risk. According to it, Contestants will be responsible for the incidents of injury, death and rape. The makers have already made it clear that during the show, someone’s murder or rap, no one will have to give it to the makers. During the Contestant show, they are responsible for the incident that took place with them.


The theme of this show is on the lines of the Hollywood movie Hunger Games. A group of people of the jaw appears to be confronted with one another to stay alive, and then the last survivor is what is called winner. Let’s say that based Russian show on Hunger Games game 2: Winter party participants have to spend nine months in a dense jungle in the cold winter. About 2000 cameras and some portable cameras have also been used for filming these contests. Because the contestsist in the forest had to face wild animals and had to make a house for himself, he was given training. Apart from this, the knives were also given to the contests for their respect. Say this show is being shown on the web channel.

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Apart from this, every contestant has a panic button attached to the satellite, which can be pressed to go out of the show. The show will run till 1 April 2018 i.e. the contestant will have to make every effort to stay alive in the forest until next year.

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