First Crorepati winner Anamika Majumbdar : KBC-9

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TV’s popular reality show KBC found its first crossover of this season. Anamika Majumdar of Jamshedpur become the first contendant to reach 10 million. However, he missed the answer to the 7 million jackpot question. But do you know the answer to this 7 million questions.

Anamika gave the answer to the question of 10 million without any lifeline. But the question of the 16th Jackpot was so stupid that he thought it better to do the quit without risk. Let’s say about the question that prevented Anamika from becoming the biggest winner of this season.



Question: Which of these pairs is not the Nobel Prize winning guardian and child?

Answer- D (Harmon Emil Fisher, Hans Fisher)

Surely this question was extremely difficult. But with the sense of which Anikaika reached 1 million, it is also worth cognizance. Big B did not have a place of happiness even after winning 10 million. He jumped to say that you have become the first millionaire of this season. In fact, this scene was worth seeing.


When Anamika reached the question of 10 million, he had no lifeline. Anamika’s mother began to cry during this period, because her mother did not want to lose her life without lifeline.


Anamika, who has won 10 million, is residing in Jamshedpur. He is married and has two children. Anamika is a social worker who runs a NGO called ‘Faith in India’. After becoming a millionaire, he said, he would spend this money on his NGO so that more work could be done in the rural areas of Jharkhand. Prior to Anamika, Birresh Chaudhary became the first millionaire of this season. He could not answer the question of 10 million and left the game by winning 50 lakhs.


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