First Captain of ‘Bigg Boss 11’ knowing the name surprised you too

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Captain of ‘Bigg Boss 11’



There is a news from TV reality show ‘Big Boss 11’, which can make everyone feel sensual. This time, in the house of Big Boss, fighting, quarrels and debates get noticed very soon. This show has picked up a lot of headlines as Zubair Khan goes out of the house. Zubair is constantly watching Salman Khan attacking Zubani There is now another news related to the show that is very interesting.

big boss 11

According to a news published in our partner website, “Bigg Boss 11” has got its first Captain. Yes, and their name is development. I.e. development as the first Captain of the ‘Big Boss 11’ Let me tell you that since the show has started, the development has been in the headlines about Shilpa’s fight with Shinde and since Priyank’s departure from the house last week, she did not even cheat with the Big Boss.



Well after almost 2 weeks the house now get its first Captain. In the episode of Wednesday you saw how Shilpa Shinde sang so many songs while pointing to development, which also gave development a lot of anger but he controlled himself. The big rump on the other side begins in the house when it heard between the Arshi and the dream.

big boss 11


The first dream is to indispensely Arshi, who should not be married in the house itself should be given in the house. At the same time, Arshi also said that she was indirectly dancing. Now hearing this, the dreamn much scurred. He told the rest of the house also about this. Now many times Arshi says that she is going to dance and she  told many times.



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