Big Boss 11 Episode 14: Tantric Shivani Durga eliminated from show

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Big Boss 11


The journey of Tantric Shivani Durga over in Big Boss Season 11. On Saturday, the show’s host Salman Khan did not exclude any Contestant in ‘Weekend’s War’ session. On the basis of online voting on Sunday, Tantric Shivani announced the end of Durga’s journey. Salman also disclosed the votes of all the contestants in the process of Elimination, according to which Hina Khan got 4338, Sapna Chaudhary got 2138, Vikas Gupta got 1840, Jyoti Kumari got 1687 and Shivani Durga got 793 votes. In this entire voting process, Jyoti Kumari of Bihar surprised everyone. Jyoti considered to be the weakest contender of ‘Big Boss 11’, but the results of online voting showing a few more stories.

Salman said that the two members of the house who are going to get the name of him will immediately leave the house. He took the first name Shilpa and the other  Arshi’s. Everyone’s heartbeats stopped, maybe they are going to be both contestants, but Salman gave relief to all by saying that both of them have to face each other in the Sultani field. In this match, Shilpa chased Arshi Khan.


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There is a fight between Shilpa and Arshi to push each other and throwing them in the mud. Arshi Khan defeated Shilpa. Meanwhile, talking to Salman, Pinky calls the members of the house different firecrackers.

After that Pinky takes the departure from the set and the camera takes you inside the house. There is a counter inside the house which is for Diwali shopping. Before the members of the house can understand what the counter is for, then only Ritwik Dhanjani and Ravi’s entry into the house. Ravi tells the members of the house that we have come here for Big Boss shopping here. We  Big Boss Cache, so we can buy different items. Speaking about what these items are now, Ravi hangs some of the tags in the neck of Lucinda, Vikas, Hiten and Punish, and their salesmen make Akash, Hina, Arshi and Sapna.

Salman tells the neighbors of the house that you did not perform according to the expectations. Salman tells Vikas whether he can tell what responsibility given to neighbors in the house? After this, development exposes the truth of neighbors in front of all the members of the house. Salman says to the neighbors that now that everyone heard of this, their immunity gone, which they then till their rule ruled. In the end, Bandagi Kalra and Punish Sharma seem to talk secretly.


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