Big Boss 11 : Dhinkach Pooja first week in jail many questions on Hina in court

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‘Big Boss 11’


The most controversial show in TV, ‘Big Boss 11’, remained in the discussion since the beginning. Everyday something happens in the show that makes the audience entertained.

Due to abandoning the luxury budget task in the October 26 episode of the show, Dhininka Puja sent to jail due to the worst performance by the villagers with mutual consent. Apart from this, Big Boss gave Captain Hina Khan the power of sending the two people to jail this week.

Hina’s house accused of dream court

Hina also sent Arashi and Akash to jail. Even after winning the Blue Team in Task, Big Boss has made a budget of 0 due to violation of the rules, along with the Big Boss gave a task in which the worship is to make a viral song on the household, if the good viral song If you make it, your family will get back their luxury budget. Apart from this, Big Boss gave another task, named after the court of dreams.

In this task, Hina was in the courtroom and the dream played the judge, after which all the families started a series of questions one by one. On whom Hina answered one by one and kept her side. After the light off of the night, special bonding of Punish and Bandigi also appeared.

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