Two Indian heroes whom Prime Minister did in ‘talk of the mind’

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Sunday for 36th time in his radio program ‘Man Ki Baat’. He raised many issues in his address Apart from this, he also mentioned two heroines, whose wife received wiragati while taking iron from enemies but they did not lose courage and joined the army as lieutenant.

Motivational examples are Swati and Nidhi

The Prime Minister said, the unique example of women power and patriotism found. The Indian Army has got two warlords in lieu of Lieutenant Swati and Fund and they are unusual warlords. Abnormal Swati and Nidhi, serving Mother Bharti husband martyred.

Indian Army Incorporated

Lieutenant Swati Mahadik and Nidhi Dubey recently joined the Indian Army as a military officer. Presenting an exemplary example of courage and determination, the two women joined the army as an officer after getting 11 months of hard training.

narendra modi


The complete story of Swati Mahadik

Two years ago, Colonel Mahadik Veergati  received by taking iron from the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. 38-year-old Swati Mahadik is the mother of two children and the Army Armed Corps included him as an officer in the army. Her husband Colonel Mahadik given army medal for gallantry. He died in a terrorist campaign in Kupwara, North Kashmir on November 2015.

Colonel Mahadik  the officer of 21 Para Special Forces of the army and according to his colleagues he was always known for leading the lead. Swati, according to the footprints husband killed in October last year by the Officers Training Academy of the Army Part made Swati pass SSB test become an officer in the army. In view of zeal, the former Defense Minister given age relaxation so that he sit in the SSB examination.


Story of Veerangana Nidhi Dubey

Nidhi joined the army another helpless officer named Dubey. Nidhi lost her husband hero in the army.the death of husband pregnant. After the passing of husband Nayak Mukesh Dubey life became difficult. The inmates abandoned them. But the fund give up. With his hard work and passion, he became an officer in the army.

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