Soldiers bodies wrapped in plastics broken cardboards : IAF Helicopter Crash

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IAF Helicopter Crash


Arrested Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh accused of not honored with the body of soldiers. Two days after seven army personnel died in a helicopter crash in Tawang, photos of these soldiers reportedly wrapped in plastic bags and tied in cardboard Sunday. There resentment among people. On this, the army made a tweet and said that it ‘forgotten’ to wrap the bodies from local resources and the dead soldiers always given full military honors.

Lt Gen (retired) HS Panag, the former Commander of the Northern Army Command, said in a tweet with a picture the dead bodies, “The seven youths came out in the light of daylight serve their motherland India. In this way they came to their house. Director General of Additional Information said in tweet that the bodies ensured brought in body bags, wooden boxes and coffins.




He said, “Dead soldiers always given full military honors. Body body bags, wooden boxes, coffin ensured. He said that wrapping the dead bodies local resources ‘forgotten’.  the photo taken when the bodies in Guwahati.




Lieutenant General (Retd) Panag said that proper civic body bags used carry the bodies from the premises the coffin available. Many people expressed their anger after coming out in front of the photos. Including two pilots in Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh in the event of crash Friday morning Mi-17 V5 helicopter went to the deaths of two soldiers, five Wayu Senakrmiyon and Army.




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