Pakistan warns India about targeting its nuclear facilities

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Pakistan warns India


Asif, Indian Air Force Chief BS Bose Responding to the statement of Dhanoha, Pakistan Foreign Minister Khwaja Mohammad Asif warned that if India strikes a surgical strike on the nuclear facilities of Pakistan (Pakistan), then no one should expect to exercise restraint with Islamabad. According to the report of ‘Dawn News’, Asif on Thursday (October 5th), Indian Air Force Chief BS Bassi. Responded to the statement of Dhanoha, in which he (Dhanoa) said that if the need to make a surgical strike, his fighter aircraft could target Pakistan’s molecular booths and destroy them. During a discussion on the ‘United States Institute of Peace’ here, the External Affairs Minister warned Indian leaders not to take such steps, saying that this could have serious consequences.



Asif said, “The Indian Air Force chief yesterday (Wednesday) said that we attack Pakistan’s nuclear bases through another surgical strike. If this happens then no one should expect us to exercise restraint. The most diplomatic language that I can use. “The Foreign Minister who arrived on a three-day official visit to Washington called for talks with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. A day after Thursday (October 5), US National Security Adviser General H.R. Met with McMaster. While both Pakistan and the United States described Asif-Tillerson’s meeting as positive and useful, Foreign Minister (Asif) indicated that his meeting with him was not as good as it was with the first meeting.


We have the ability to destroy PAK’s nuclear bases: Air Chief

Earlier, AF Chief BS Dhanah said Thursday (October 5th) that the Indian Air Force capable of answering China and Pakistan simultaneously in the event of war. Dhanoa said that the Indian Air Force is fully capable of eliminating the nuclear bases of Pakistan. Concerns about Pakistan’s strategic nuclear weapons and when asked if the Air Force can eliminate Islamabad’s nuclear weapons, Neo Dhanoa said that the IAF should recognize Pakistan’s nuclear targets on the border and attack them.

They said, ‘We draft nuclear principle. It gives an answer to what happens when the enemy decides to use nuclear weapons on us. As far as the IAF is concerned, he not only the ability to identify and target strategic nuclear weapons but also attack other targets on the border.

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