16 coaches of Goods Train is derailed in Odisha

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Rail accidents in the country  not taking names. There major rail accident in Odisha on Wednesday after three trains arrived on Allahabad track on the same track. Here, 16 bogies of the goods train derailed at 4 am on Wednesday morning. This incident happened near the Narangandi station in Odisha. After this train accident, the rail traffic affected.there is no news of any casualties in this accident. After the incident information, there stir in the railway administration.



It noteworthy that even on Tuesday, a major rail accident  struck down near Allahabad. On Tuesday, Duronto Express, Hatiya-Anand Vihar Express and Mahobodi Express came to Allahabad on a single track near Allahabad. The guilt  this mistake immediately noticed by someone and a major rail accident postponed.



There reports of several railway accidents.the previous coach of the Jammu-Rajdhani Express derailed near the New Delhi Railway Station on September 14. Apart from this, Shatikunj Express on September 7, Duranto Express on 29th August, Kaling Utkal Express on August 19 and Cafayaat
Express on August 23.


Utkal Express going to Haridwar from Puri had crashed near Muzaffarnagar.

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