Trump warns North Korea of ‘devastating’ military option

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US President Donald Trump


US President Donald Trump said country fully prepared for ‘military options’ against North Korea. He cautioned that doing so ruinous in the event of further tensions between the two countries. Let North Korea say that it is ready to defend America by eliminating bomber aircraft. A day after this statement, the reaction came from the President of the United States. North Korea’s Foreign Minister Re Yong Ho, who present in New York this week accused Trump of waging war against country.

Trump said at a joint press conference with Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rahoy, who visited the country, “We fully prepared for the second (military) option. We do not give this option a priority, but if we adopt this option, it ruinous. I can tell you that it ruinous for North Korea. If we adopt a military option, we adopt it. ”

Responding to a question, Trump said that North Korean leader (Kim Jong Un) is ‘behaving very badly’. The American president alleged that he saying things that before. They said, ‘We are answering those things but this is the answer. This is not the original statement, this is the answer. But what they are saying for the past few years and if you see what they said to the previous governments, you find that North Korea is a situation that 25 years ago, 20, 15, 10 and five years ago should dealt with. Then it dealt with more easily.


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Trump said, “Many governments left problems for their (trump) and they would overcome the problems. We see what happens to North Korea. ‘ He said that North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile programs are a threat to the whole world, so all countries should take action to make North Korea atom free.

He said, “I recently imposed new stringent restrictions against those countries who traded with North Korea. I applaud China’s move reduce trade with North Korea. Trump appreciated China for breaking all banking relations with North Korea. He said, “I want to thank President Xi Chunfing.” In response to a question, the Prime Minister of Spain, Rajoy said that no one wants to fight anywhere in the world.

Marine Corp Gen Joseph Dunnford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the country’s top military officer, said that despite the threat of North Korea’s killing of American warplanes in its military stand No changes noticed. Marine Corp General Joseph Dunnford told the Senate Armed Services Committee, “We military activity that would be reflective of the stressful political environment.”

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