Sofia is now a Saudi citizen Robot smiled and said Thanks

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Saudi Arabia has given citizenship to a robot. This is the first country to do this. During a business event in Riyadh when the robot named Sophia gave citizenship of Saudi Arabia, he thanked the Sultanate of Saudi Arabia by calling it Thanku.

It known that in order to promote artificial intelligence, Saudi Arabia given citizenship to the robot. The most important thing of this robot created by Hesson Robotics is that it gives answers to questions other than your daily work.


Business Reuters Andrew Ross Sorkin said, “When it comes to robotics intelligence, robots of films like Blade Runner and Terminator come in the hearts and minds of people, but in reality it is not so. Robots seen and they will make major changes in their lives.

However, people got mixed response to giving citizenship to the robot. Some people say, “Women in Saudi have no right to live an open life, but given citizenship to a female robot.”

At the same time, Robot blown up on Twitter too. Some even commented that, “Without a burqa female robot rotate on the streets of Saudi Arabia, it fun to see the burqa robot.”


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