Senate confirms Ajit Pai as FCC Chairman

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FCC Chairman


Ajit Varadaraj Pi of Indian origincommand the command of the influential Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of America. His second term on this post approved by the Senate Upper House of Parliament. His tenureĀ  five years.

44-year-old Pie nominated from Konkan, got approval from the Senate with 52-41 votes. He first indigenous person appointed to this post.the debate in the House on his nomination, many Democratic MPs said that they finish the Open Internet Order. This can affect millions of people who have got free internet services.

FCC Chairman


Senator Chuck Shumar alleged that Varadar taken the side of many big companies holding the FCC’s caretaker president. In the defense of these allegations, it already said that the focus of the Commission focused on making the safety and functioning of consumers more transparent.



Pai appointed the President of the FCC in May 2012 by former President Barack Obama. After becoming President of Donald Trump in January this year, he appointed the executive chairman of the Commission. The FCC is an independent agency that regulates interstate communication through radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in 50 US states.

Fellow elected to the prestigious organization

Indian educationist Prajapati TrivediĀ  elected as the Fellow of the prestigious National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) of the United States. Trivedi, 64, who received this award, is the first Indian. NAPA is an independent organization. It founded in 1967 by the American Parliament. This organization enjoys international fame in the field of public administration.

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