Pakistan stop adopting Terrorist India get economic benefits from friendship: US

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US Defense Secretary James Matisse



On behalf of the United States, Pakistan advised once again that they should leave terrorism and make friendship with India. US Defense Secretary James Matisse said, “If Pakistan can find a way to carry out its international responsibilities and not allow its country to become a safe haven for terrorists, then it can get a lot of economic benefits from India.”

He said that the government’s stand is very clear and it is firm on what it is expecting from Pakistan and their administration is using all the dimensions of government to bring about change.


This statement of Matisse came just a few weeks after President Donald Trump declared South Asia’s policy. In South Asia policy, Trump has adopted a strong policy against Pakistan.


Important India as a neighbor

Matis said that India certainly has a major role as a neighbor and if Pakistan finds a way to fulfill its international responsibilities and eliminates any kind of shelter within the country, then it can have concrete economic benefits. Are there.

The Defense Minister said that the Trump administration believes that it very difficult to maintain stability not only in Afghanistan but in Pakistan and India, unless the sanctuary finished. MattisĀ  answering these questions of MPs why the administration believes that Pakistan change its attitude at this time.

Committee Chairman Senator John McCain said that Trump said that it change the attitude of America towards Pakistan, which encourages terrorists, these terrorists target US service members and officials.

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