North Korea Capital Seoul destory within 24 to 48 hours if war is on

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 North Korea


Due to the growing tension with the United States, North Korea is continually expanding its military capabilities. Recently, he has decided to recruit 47 lakh soldiers to increase his army. At present, North Korea may be a small country in the area, but its army is still in the top five of the world according to the size. According to South Korean intelligence agencies, compared to 1967, ‘Korean People’s Army’ of North Korea has made rapid progress. At that time there were about three and a half million soldiers in his army. Right now, this figure is 12 lakhs. Apart from this, it is also mandatory for every citizen to take military training at least twice a year, in order to be called to fight everybody during the war.

Japan most threat to North Korea

Knowledgeable believe that the most threat to North Korea is Japan. But one fact is that in the event of war, North Korea will be a big danger not only for Japan but also for South Korea including China. This is because the boundaries of these two countries have become accurate from North Korea. Among all these, retired Colonel Sam Gardner of the American Air Force believes that if the war is the first and the biggest threat to North Korea, the capital of South Korea is Seoul.

Seoul destroyed in 24 hours

In an interview given to Atlantic Magazine, he also made many shocking disclosures about the war. He said that Seoul, which is considered to be the most important business in the world, is just 35 miles from the North Korean border, Seoul is the capital of South Korea. North Korea can change Seoul’s map in the first 24 to 48 hours on the war. It would also be difficult for the US to protect Seoul.



Clinton also made bombing plans

Gardner explains that in 1994, US President Bill Clinton had also planned to bomb North Korea’s Yongbayon reactor. But due to two reasons, he had to change his mind at the last minute. The first reason was that leaking of radioactive substances caused damage to neighboring countries. Whereas, the reaction of North Korea to South Korea was afraid of being destroyed.

China give war with North Korea

If the United States attacks North Korea, it may be necessary to take it, because in the event of war, China must cooperate with North Korea in every situation. The reason behind China’s doing so is that it has two treaties with America and North Korea. Indeed, between 1950 and 1953, the war between North and South Korea supported by China and Russia with North Korea. This war ended with an armistice treaty in the United Nations arbitration on July 27, 1953. During this treaty, there was an agreement between Washington and Beijing that if the US attacks North Korea in the future, the ceasefire agreement will be broken. At present, the period of this treaty has been extended to 2021.

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