Nigerian youth beaten up in Delhi VIDEO Viral

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After the video of a fatal shooting with an African citizen in Delhi, Delhi Police is now in a position to sleep. Police arrested a man named Krishna Kumar in this case. According to the police, Krishna stolen here only, in which 4 more people identified, they are also trying to arrest them. In this case, the police are now cleansing that Ahmed, whose beating video has surfaced. He did not even tell the doctors that he beaten up.

Actually a video  surfaced, in which some people beating an African citizen in a pillar with rods, sticks, sticks. Indeed, people acused that the Nigerian nation had committed theft in a state of intoxication, which caused people to catch him.

It  in the video how these people beaten by the citizen. The incident is about one week before the Malviya Nagar area of ​​Delhi. An FIR related to the case reported, in which a man  filed a case that a person from Nigeria living here came to steal. After which he  hurt by falling from the stairs. While true video  seen clearly.

In this case, the police showed complete negligence and arrested the person of Nigeria and sent  jail. The incident is on September 24. Police say that this person of African origin accused of stealing, therefore action taken against it. But the question arises that if anyone accused of stealing, then it justified to deal with animals like this in this manner.

Right now, the police has already taken an arrest in the matter and is talking about the case. The police saying that if the negligence of the policemen came to light, then action  taken against them. But the question arises that why did the police not properly investigate the matter in the right way?


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