Japan PM Shinzo Abe announce snap election

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Shinzo Abe

Between the increased tensions with North Korea, PM announced on Monday that the mid-term elections held in the country. Shinzo hopes that he remain in power to weak opposition and a strong stance on North Korea.

The popularity of Shinzo, who came to power in December 2012 significantly several scandals in the last few months. In July, it told at a minimum level. But in recent days, with the North Korea, the constabulary turned the local politics in favor of Shinzo. Recent surveys estimated to be in their power. AB said on Monday, “I dissolve the lower house of Parliament House on September 28th.” Although he announced the date of voting. But according to media reports, elections held on October 22 in Japan.

Recent surveys show that the voters of the country support AB stiff opposition to North Korea. North Korea had torn two ballistic missiles from Japan this month and threatened to dump Japan in the sea. According to a business paper Nikki survey, 44 percent of the voters are planning to vote for AB’s Liberal Democratic Party. only eight percent of the voters are standing in favor of the opposition Democratic Party.

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