FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017 : India lose heavily to Ghana

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FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017



For the first time, the Indian team, which participated in the Under-17 FIFA World Cup for the first time, lost out to all three group league stage Group A matches before the tournament was eliminated. After defeating him with his strong America, Colombia, he also won from Ghana on Thursday.


India’s journey ended

In the last match, he lost most goals (0-4) Apart from Captain Eric Ayah, on behalf of the African team Ghana, Richard Denso and Immanuel Toku scored the goal. India ate only one round in the first half, but in the second half its defense completely shattered and Ghana took advantage of this and scored three more goals. With this win of Group A, Ghana qualified for the pre-quarterfinals. Colombia has already qualified for the pre-quarterfinals of this group, while India’s forward journey is over.


Game of invasion and defense

Like the previous two matches, the Indian coach De Matos’s army, who believed in more protection than the attack, did the same against the African team Ghana. In the 42 minutes of the opening, the game also gave them the support, but in the next minute, guests’ captain Ayah scored the goal and allowed the hosts to move towards another defeat. India has adopted the strategy of protection against the invasion of Ghana from the beginning of the match. Boris Thangjam, Nourem and Aniket defend the spectacular Aniket made a brilliant cross in the third minute itself, but there was no member of the Indian team to make the ball reach the goal. In the sixth minute, Ghana reached the ball on the net, but the referee gave it offside. In the eighth minute, Dhiraj prevented a spectacular goal. At the same time India got a free kick, but Sanjeev could not score goals. The allurement of Indian defense was that in the first ten minutes Ghana had three offsides.


Indian defense sweats sweeter Ghana

Boris got a yellow card in the 33rd minute to stop Ghana’s player. The attack of Ghana in front of the Indian Defense became completely disturbed and its impact began to appear on its benches as well. Ghana got a corner again in the 39th minute, but he wandered from the goal. In the 42nd minute they had a chance to make a goal again, but their shot again wandered from the goal. In the next minute, the guests again attacked and the first shot was stopped by goalkeeper Dhiraj, but Ayah attacked with a ball to reach the goalpost and took the lead 1-0. Rashid Alhasan of Ghana got a yellow card due to the drop in Aniket during the first half. After this India had a chance to score, but it could not happen. Half time the score is 1-0.



India’s poor performance in the second half

As soon as the second half started, Sadiq Ibrahim hit Amarjit, after which the referee immediately showed yellow card. However, in the 52nd minute, Ayah then again scored another goal, securing the hosts’ defense. Two minutes later Amarjeet of India showed a yellow card. But, in the second half, there was an attack from Ghana. In the 86th minute, Denso scored the goal 3-0. In the next minute, Toku scored the goal 4-0. Despite this defeat, the audience present at the JLN Stadium supported Indian footballers. Overall, this World Cup seems to be proving the beginning of a new era for Indian football.




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