World’s 100 Valuable Brands At Apple Top Facebook Fastly Growth

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 Apple Top, Facebook Fastest Growth


Inter brand released a report about the world’s most valuable brands. In the fifth year of this, the American technology firm Apple dominated. According to the report released on 100 brands from around the world, Apple’s brand value increased by 3 percent to 12 lakh crore. The second and third numbers in this report are respectively Google and Microsoft.

The special thing is that the total brand value of the top 10 companies in the list has crossed 50 lakh crore. Value of global brands increased by 1.21 lakh crore. Total brand value increased by 4.2 percent the average value of each brand increased by 3.1 percent.



In this top 10 list, 6 companies are from the technology sector. Facebook recorded the highest growth of 48 percent this year. In the top 10 companies, two auto companies, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz brand value 3.27 and 3.11 lakh crores, respectively. Amazon ranked fifth in this list, doubling in double digits by 29 percent.


Netflix, Salesforce and Ferrari joined the first three companies in this list, including three companies related media, technology and automotive. Among the top three companies, the brand value web channel Netflix is ​​about 36, 335 crores lowest Ferrari is 31,655 crores. Salesforce’s brand value 33,930 crores.

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