Complete list of new changes in the GST Benefit of common man now

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Complete list of GST

GST Council  given relief to small traders and exporters in its 22nd meeting, so many tax slabs cut on many things. The tax slab cut make things cheaper and the common man will get relief from inflation. Know what happened after the meeting today .



Objects of 12 to 5 percent

– Salt
– Ayurvedic
– Greek
– Proven
– Homeopathy medicines
– Paper vest or scrap
– Real

18 to 5 percent of the goods

– Made of poor food
– Plastic vest
– Rubber West, Pering
– Glass scraps
– Charcoal

18% to 12% of the items

– Textile
– Nylon
– Polyester
– Viscose
– Rayon
– Manufacturing threads of sewing
– Staple fiber

28 to 5 percent of the goods

– E West

28 to 18 percent of the items

– Water pumps
– Diesel engine’s PORTS
– Bearings
– Stationery accessories
– Stones used in the floor except granite and marble
– Poster color
– Children’s Recreational Goods

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