Cheap Air Tickets Before Diwali Relief for going Home

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Cheap Air Tickets


This year’s Diwali is bringing relief for air travelers. Air fares on the festival this year are showing decreasing rather than increasing. According to travel portals, Hawaii fare from Delhi for the festive season is between Rs 2500 and Rs 3000, while the rent from Chennai between Delhi and Chennai is Rs 4200-5000. Rent from Delhi to Hyderabad is between Rs 4500 and Rs 5,000.
According to the data from online travel portal, the busiest routes like Delhi-Mumbai and Hyderabad-Delhi have registered a decrease of 38 percent and 32 percent respectively.

Reasons for reduction in rent

Generally, there was a huge increase in air fares due to the demand for festive season. This year, unlike rentals are decreasing. The special thing is that there is a reduction in the rental of tickets with immediate booking. Experts say that the decrease in demand is actually showing due to the fact that capacity has increased significantly on some routes. This has reduced the rent due to this. Claristep’s chief (air and distribution) Baloo Ramachandran says that all airlines have prepared the ability to provide services to more air travelers, while there is lack of demand. Because of this the rent is getting reduced.

Rent on some routes

There are some routes on which rent increases are being recorded. For instance, fares on Delhi-Bangalore and Mumbai-Goa routes have increased by 15 percent and 19 percent, respectively., COO (B2C) Sharat Dhaal says that due to the increase in capacity on busy routes, the rental of tickets has come down. Although there has been no increase in the capacity on which the capacity has not increased, the rent has increased.

Ai Express’s Delhi-Singapore flight from next month

Air India Express has announced a new flight from Delhi to Coimbatore. Starting next month, this flight will be from Coimbatore to Singapore. Air India’s affordable airline service Air India Express said in a statement that the Delhi-Coimbatore-Singapore flight will be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for three days a week.

Chartered Airlines will provide EG Charters

Aviation Group Air One has introduced a new company. Through this, people will be able to book chartered planes for 38 cities of the world. A company named EG Charters will try to fulfill the increasing demand of chartered airlines as an aggregator. Group chairman Alok Sharma said that customers will be able to choose between 500 planes.

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